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The tradition is alive and well at The Mazel Company!

How the Success Started

The original Wisconsin Toy Company was founded as a wholesale toy company by Jack Cohen located on the west side of Milwaukee.


The company grew and prospered and after World War II Jack together with his son Phillip began traveling all over Wisconsin in a station wagon loaded with samples.  In 1958 they were approached to sell to members of a local union who had gone on strike.  Phillip suggested that they open stores for a few weeks where union members could buy toys at a good price.  It worked so well that the wholesale operation ran by Jack was phased out and seasonal stores were opened.  The stores were open from Thanksgiving through Christmas and operated under the Union Toys name.  By 1960 the stores had grown and new stores were open to serve the United Auto Workers members in Michigan. 


Phillip grew his relationship with the major toy retailers and eventually sold all kinds of overstock products under the Wisconsin Toy Name.  Through a series of acquisitions and store openings, the company operated over 200 retail outlets in 1980 under names such as Job Lot Trading, Toy Liquidators, Everything-A-Dollar and Value Merchants.*


After years of selling under different names the Wisconsin Toy name was brought back to life.  In 2013, The Mazel Company acquired the company name and currently operates it as a division of their “closeout” company. 


Wisconsin Toy has a long history of bringing to the market Name Brand Toys at a Value Price.


Available Toys


For more information on our available toys contact Stephen Marcus 

If you have toys to offer please contact Armen Bahadurian


Keeping the tradition


*Information Obtained from the Milwaukee ~ Wisconsin Journal Sentinel November 25, 2013